Granted we’ve all started something and well, started it again. As we engage the cycle of life, there are challenges, peaks, and uncertainty. Often the common denominator for stopping is the sensation of feeling overwhelmed or expecting dramatic results with little practical thought as to what’s required to achieve the specific goal. Weight loss is a biggie. We spend time picking out the perfect workout attire, all the ingredients for the latest smoothie craze, and of course, dreaming of NOT failing..THIS TIME


PLAN: Lose TWO sizes

Most successful weight loss after yo-yo dieting is achieved by gradual lifestyle changes. The pursuit of weight loss can be somewhat intimidating, especially when the goal is 50-100 pounds, equivalent to 8-10 sizes or more. Why not WIN this time. With the holidays expeditiously approaching, there will be parties, dinners, and family you haven’t seen in forever. Why not introduce the NEW YOU.

STRATEGY: Do not go more than TWO days without exercising, PICK TWO unhealthy eating habits to end for good, PICK TWO outfits you really want to wear, PICK TWO places to show them off, PICK TWO words that positively describe the new you, lastly PICK TWO words to delete from your vocabulary.